7 Important Creative Thinking Skills

7 Important Creative Thinking Skills

Are you experiencing a brain-freeze in unleashing your creativity?

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8 Real and Powerful Ways to Motivate Yourself!

A useful every day mantra to motivate yourself.

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What if our motivation was automated? What if no matter how tired, frustrated or depleted we are; we can find a way to make it happen.

How can we create systems to achieve what we want, give what we want and become who we want.

Here are 8 real and powerful ways to motivate yourself!

It’s not all about you

Help motivate someone else. Reach out to people through email, Facebook , phone or face to face. Listen closely to someone. Odds are they will bring up something they are struggling to do or get through. Give them some time, words and energy that will help them push through it.

Position yourself to win

Set yourself up for success. What are 2-3 small victories you can accomplish right now to build momentum? What is something really small, but deeply meaningful?Always focus on your outcome. When things start to appear thick…

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You can live your dream

To those who are right now fighting for their dreams. Watch this. Just 6 minutes of your time to make a difference.

“We spent a lot of time trying to make people like us. Worrying too much about what people think and say. You know people more than you know yourself. You know what? You spend soo much time investing time to know them that you don’t know who you are. I challenge you…go spend time by yourself.”

Know the real you.

Go spend 1 hour by yourself. Think about what you really want. What’s stopping you? Do you really want it? If yes, what can you do about it?

Will you become who you really are?

10 inspirational young entrepreneurs under 21

You are never too young to dream big.

You need to be passionate with the things that you do.

Passion comes from doing what you love. That is what keeps you going every day.

Click the link below to read the article of these young entrepreneurs. Hopefully, it will ignite you!



9 Lessons to Learn From Failures

9 Lessons to Learn From Failures (Click here for article)

Most of us grew up with the idea that there is no room for failures.

Without failure, how can we learn? After all, life is not always a bed of roses.

I believe that it is through failures we learn about our true self. When we fail, we fall. The process of us trying to stand up & move on will make us a better person than what we were. Believe me.

Hope that you would be able to learn at least something from this article. Sometimes, reading how people overcome their obstacles do provide us some comfort to know that there is hope.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said:

If you can’t fly, then run,

If you can’t run, then walk,

If you can’t walk, then crawl,

but whatever you do,

you have to keep moving forward.