Screw it. Let’s do it!

1017144_10151474702876606_749506991_nHave you done a jump (similar to the image above) before ?

I remembered my first jump. It was THE leap of faith! I took that leap during an outdoor camp when I was in National Police Cadet Corp (NPCC) during secondary school days. Being in NPCC, we live by the motto ” One for All. All for One.”. This literally means in this case if one person jump, everyone also jump.

Let me share with you the story.

It was a 5 days outdoor camp at Ubin. The water supply at the campsite was cut off. It had been a couple of days since I last had a good shower. I smelt really bad like dried salted fish. I survived with sprinkling talcum powder over my body every day.

On the 3rd day of the camp, we were brought up to the top of the quarry after a long hike. It was just nice to catch the sunset. For those who have gone to the Ubin quarry, you would know how fantastic the view was. I could still remember the cooling breeze on my face and the serenity of the vast open space. It made me feel good.

I was enjoying myself when suddenly my camp instructor said, ” Ok team, it’s time. Get your life jacket. I want you to jump off and swim over to the other side. There is a nice BBQ dinner waiting for you.”

The first thoughts that came to me was, ” What?! Crazy! How is it possible for anyone to jump from such great height? Is it safe? There is a possibility that I could drown.”

As my thoughts were running wild, suddenly… “Wooohooo! Splash!”. One of the instructors jumped off the cliff. A few seconds later he popped out of the water and swam across. Then, one by one my team members started to follow. I could smell the aroma of sweet honey BBQ chicken. I saw people across waving at us with their chicken drumsticks. That was enticing.

It had been 15 minutes and 10 people had jump. A few more left to go. There I was THINKING. Here’s the summary of my thoughts:

  • This would be the first time (and maybe the only time) that I am doing it. I was worried and uncomfortable. However, it seemed like those who jumped survived. So if they could do it, high chance I could do it too, right?
  • Almost half of my team had done it. Sooner or later I had to do it. I definitely did not want to be the last one.
  • If I do this, it would be a good opportunity for me to get a good “bath” for myself. Besides, who can ever resist BBQ chicken after days of instant noodles???

With that, I picked up a life jacket. Went to an instructor to check that it was safely worn. I took a few steps back. I ran with all my might and shouted,” Yabbadabbadoo!”. I jumped. I closed my eyes and said my prayers. I felt the sudden cold gush of water pulling me down deep into the quarry. I went deeper and deeper. What???! How come I had not popped out of the water? It was as if there were these invisible hands pulling me down. Oh dear! Are these the souls of people who drowned?

No! This was not what I wanted. This would not be how my life end. I could see quick flash of images of my loved ones. A sudden warmth filled me up. It suddenly came to me that whatever goes down, must come up. Heavy things sink. Light things float. For me to come up, I need to relax myself. Loosen up my body.

The moment I did that, I felt a strong pull from above…..Whooossshhhh!!!!!!

“Woohoo! Eulyn, you did it! Come, I chope (reserve) a chicken drumstick for you!” said my NPCC buddy.

I felt good. 🙂

Now, I can say that I have been there, done that!

Lessons learnt that I would like to share with you when facing with challenges:

Challenges can come in many forms like adapting to changes of new school and friends, first time problems that you have encountered and even real physical challenge like I had.

1. You will have challenges all throughout your life. You will feel uncomfortable and have strong feelings about it. You should rationalize your thoughts and take steps to prepare. However, don’t take too long to dwell on it. This can make it worse and you may never attempt it.

(In my case, it took me like 15minutes to do an act of just a few seconds. Was it really worth it?)

2.When you are faced with a challenge, try to find opportunities that you can gain. Think positive.

(In my case, my opportunities were to get a good bath and a good meal!)

3. Never lose sight of your intent. Look for people who have done it and see what they get out of it so that you can get inspired.

4. You control how you want your life to be. When you feel that you are losing it, think about your loved ones. It helps.

5. Think about what happens when you can get what you want upon overcoming the challenge! Relate it with how would you feel. This helps in gaining the confidence.

For me, the chicken was the best that I ever had! Especially after a good bath!

Lastly, let me share with you a quote from Richard Branson. “SCREW IT, LET’S DO IT!”

The man who had big dreams and made them into reality in spite of many challenges. One day, he plans to make travelling into space a reality for everyone. If he can do it, so can you! 😉

This is a book that I would recommend to read and learn some tricks on how to be successful. Click here for the synopsis. Enjoy!


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