5 Simple Steps to Connect with people & Make People Like You!

Have you ever had a family gathering where you have to make a conversation with a relative but you don’t know what to talk about?

Do you want to be popular among your friends?

Have you ever wished that your teachers like you better?

How can you make friends in a new school or class?

I used to hate those times when I had to go to new schools or signed up for classes. I would always try to get my friends to join me. Worst is when I had to compromise by going to classes that I don’t like instead of going to what I would really want. Just because I don’t want to be alone. It sucks. Does that sound familiar to you too?

I wished that someone would have told me how to overcome this fear. I could have explored much more doing things that I really want. However, I am glad that I have learnt to SMILE now. This has made me enjoy life soo much more!

Here are 5 simple steps that I would like to share with you that would help to connect with people. Practice it everyday to new people, your relatives and friends. You realised that if you are a Facebook page, you will definitely receive more likes!

5 simple steps to Connect with People & Make People like you.

1. Smile

If you want to make a good impression, smile at people. What does it cost to smile? Nothing. What does it cost not to smile? Everything.

So remember  think happy thoughts and kickstart with a smile!

2.Make eye contact

Look into the eyes of the person that you would like connect with. Eye contact helps us to create a sincere positive connection. To know more about the importance of eye contact, you can read this article. Click here.

3. Initiate the chat

Make the first move to start off the chat.

If it is connecting with someone new, you can always start off by introducing yourself for example, ” Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is….”. Extend a handshake to show your sincerity.

If it is connecting with someone you already knew for example your relative or friend, you can start off with something generic. Here are some examples.

– Talk about the weather. For example, “Nowadays, the weather has been really hot. Don’t you think so?”

-Talk about a current affair that both can relate to. For example, ” Hey did you know that……..?”

Here is a good article on how to start a conversation when there is nothing to talk about. Click here.

4. Leverage on common grounds

People often relate better when there is familiarity. Try to connect with them based on some common grounds. You can try to ask questions. Here are some topics that you can talk about:

– Hobbies and what they do during their free time





Here is a good article on how to come up with good conversation topics to find common things to talk about. Click here.

5. Enjoy

Show that you enjoy talking to the person. If you enjoy it, the person that you are connecting to will also enjoy it. This means more LIKES for you!

Remember….SMILE! 🙂

How about starting to practice it from today? Practice to SMILE at least 1 time every day from now.

Make it a habit. You will not regret it!


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