Take that leap of faith!

Sara Aman, Photographer, Singapore

Sara Aman, Photographer, Singapore

“I see things that makes my heart lift, my eyes sparkle and I smile crazily. And I try to capture those things I see through photography. The designation term for me would be a photographer but I believe I am more than that. ” – Sara Aman

To know more about Sara Aman’s work, you can go to http://www.thelensproject.com.sg.

You can also follow her blog at http://www.thelensproject.wordpress.com.

If you could be invisible for one day with your camera……

Ahh.. probably take pictures where it requires me to lie on the ground or be in an awkward angle! I foresee myself on my belly crawling and trying to get a dreamy shot of wispy leaves 🙂

What made you choose your profession? Were there any particular events or people who inspired you to take this path?

I did not really choose my profession. I was from the Film, Sound & Video course in Ngee Ann Poly. I went into it because being a girl I thought I would have lesser equipment to carry compared to video productions. And trust me I have experienced the huge amount of lights and light stands, apart from other equipment to carry and set up for a production. It was absolutely tiring! And at that time, photography seems like an easy way out.

My dad was quite an avid photographer. He had 2 Pentax cameras which he allowed me to touch on 1 or 2 occasions. I was about 6 yrs old at that time. He also had this amazing Super 8MM camera with the projector and he would record me and my sisters doing regular stuffs. I’ve never really thought about it, but I was already exposed to these things at that age.

Can you share some photographers’ work that have influenced and always inspire you?

There are many photographers, stylists and artists works that inspires me! They are all my favourite! 🙂

I love the photography by Chris Court (http://chriscourt.com/). There’s deep passion in the colours he uses and I absolutely love the simplicity of his shots.

I love the styling by Steve Pearce. You can find his works in Donna Hay Magazine. I couldn’t find a website by him but you can always Google him.

Food styling or any kind of styling is an art by itself. If I’m not a photographer, I would love to be a food stylist!

Among your works, which one is your most memorable? Why?

Sara's most memorable work

Sara’s most memorable work

I was with a commercial studio at that time. My first official assignment was for a hip local magazine. It was a full page product shoot. At that time, conceptualising & photographing a full page seems like the most daunting task in the world. I was just given the bottles & glasses and I had to come up with something. It was a new client that I’ve never worked with. My heart was beating so loud and I kept on second-guessing myself. My palms were sweaty and I kept asking myself how to get this done. It was a nerve wrecking and harrowing experience to say the least. When I finally finished, I was so relieved although still tense with anticipation. It wasn’t until I saw my works in the magazine a month later that I truly felt a sense of relieve and accomplishment. That was just momentous for me when I first flipped through the magazine 🙂

How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

Find photographer’s works that you love. Do research. Look at magazines, books, YouTube etc. Learn to look at the light. Study those photographers that you love looking at. Do your own experiments. Find a mentor especially one whose works you love. Be relentless in your quest to better your photography. That is the only way.

What are some of the challenges in your job?

Amongst the biggest challenges as a freelance photographer are


(ii)Keeping myself current

(iii)Marketing myself and

(iv)Maintaining good client relations.

There are others definitely and its all about troubleshooting. In fact, I would say that being a photographer is to troubleshoot for your clients. I would be given a brief and I have to provide a solution. Its quite fun really 🙂

It is not all roses though. I have been in situations where I was not fully equipped to execute the project. I made mistakes which have caused the job to be not as well done as it should be. But the best thing about mistakes, I get to learn from it. And most times I learn things that others don’t get to teach me.

What are the biggest rewards?

For me, it is the self satisfaction to see my work well done and presented to the client. To know that I’ve given my gift of seeing and my best in what I do. Nobody can give me that feeling except me.

What is something that you wished someone would have told you when you were younger?

I have been really lucky that I’ve always had someone to push me and go for something beyond. Some of the things that I’ve hold on to:

  • Take the leap and have faith. Once the intention is set, do your best and, you are going to be just fine.
  • Be humble and be of service to others
  • Be open and keep learning

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